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Michael Voight, Ph.D., is a tenured, associate professor in the Physical Education and Human Performance Department at Central Connecticut State University, where he teaches graduate courses in leadership, sport psychology, and sport philosophy/sociology, and undergraduate classes (sport psychology, stress management). He also provides leadership and team consulting for the athletic programs at NCAA Division I CCSU. Prior to this appointment at CCSU he taught full-time at the University of Southern California in the Physical Education and Kinesiology Departments.

Leadership Coach/Consultant:

Over the past several years, Dr. V has been more involved with coaching administrators and coaches on individual leadership effectiveness as well as assisting organizations and teams in designing and implementing their own customized leadership development processes from top college to elite teams/organizations.

Team Consultant:

While at USC, Voight was a team consultant for many of the sports there, including football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball programs. He continues this work with the USC women’s (2002, 2003 national champs). One of his other clients, the Texas volleyball program, won the 2012 national championship! He continues to consult with many other university sport teams (football, soccer, basketball) across the country.

Performance Consultant:

Moreover, he continues to provide performance-enhancement consulting to Olympic and professional volleyball and basketball players, along with many university athletic teams and coaching staffs across many sports and universities.


He conducts research on student-athlete experiences, coach and leadership effectiveness, team building, mental training effectiveness, quality of practice, and generational issues for today’s coaches. Voight shares the results of his research as a presenter at numerous national and international conferences on leadership, coaching effectiveness, and sport psychology. He is on the editorial boards of three sport science/coaching journals (IJSSC, ARHPCC & SPORT).


Dr. V have several leadership books to hit the market in 2014-2015:

(1) He has an academic book on sport leadership entitled, Sport Leadership Playbook: Principles and Techniques for Coaches and Captains (McFarland Publishing)

(2) He is currently working on two applied books on leadership development for sport, entitled

Voight, M.R. In Preparation. Leadership is a Team Sport: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Develop Leadership. Archway Publishers (Simon & Schuster).

Voight, M.R. In Preparation. The Leadership Fix for Elite Sport: Do-It-Yourself Personal Leadership Development for Sport Leaders. Archway Publishers (Simon & Shuster).

Voight, M.R. In Preparation. The Leadership Fix for Scholastic-Club Sport: Do-It-Yourself Personal Leadership Development for Sport Leaders. Archway Publishers (Simon & Shuster).

Moreover, he is the author of a complete line of mental toughness training books (Coaches Choice), has written/presented several dvd’s and written/presented three webinar programs (www.Innovative, all available through this website (


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